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We Have Almost 15 Years Working For The 'Other Side'

The attorneys at the Rockefeller Law Center collectively spent almost fifteen (15) years working the "other side" of criminal law cases at District Attorney's offices, including almost five (5) years helping to run the Houston County District Attorney's Office as "Chief Assistant." Therefore, we know how a prosecutor thinks and what cases he or she is willing to take to trial. Because of this unique background, we provide our clients with "real-world" advice on which cases to enter a guilty plea and which might merit taking to trial.

We have also litigated a broad variety of criminal cases from simple thefts to murders, robberies, child molestations, all types of drug cases, including conspiracy and trafficking cases, in courts throughout Middle Georgia, in State and Federal Courts. Collectively, we have tried to verdict approximately a hundred such cases.

Rockefeller Law Center is committed to being there for our clients –patiently listening, addressing concerns and questions, and keeping our clients advised of the progress of his/her case at every stage.


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